Awesome Shin Megami Tensai Games for People New to the Series (Besides Persona 4)

Persona 4 and it’s spinoffs have tended to be everyone’s go-to game when it comes to the Shin Megami Tensai series. Especially with the new Persona 5 and SMTxFE coming out, what are some other great games to start out with and prepare for some of these new games.

Talk about some other Shin Megami Tensai games that make the series the fantasic blockbuster it is such as Devil Survivor, the original Shin Megami Tensai games, Soul Hackers, etc.

  • This would be interesting. I think factors like mood, difficulty, genre, and contents warning(i.e. strong religious content for SMT 2) should be considered to make the list since SMT was used to be more of hardcore gamers' series; some gamers might be put off by older series' first person RPG perspective, or might not be interested in emotionally stressful scenes etc. Of course, people might be even more intrigued when there is a warning sign. – idleric 8 years ago
  • I can understand that. Of course the term "to each his own" is a commonality in the SMT games as each series displays different gameplay and depth into each story. So it would definitely be best if when talking about a game, the writer of the article mentions mechanics that differ from other games of the series and how they may appeal to certain gamers. For example, Devil Survivor carries a style of game mechanics similar to Fire Emblem square movement mechanics mixed in with Pokemon-style battle style. Basically if you like this play style then you might like this game kinda thing. – Kevin Mohammed 8 years ago

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