Beauty Shop

Am I the only one who feels like Beauty Shop is low key really underrated? It had a lot more of funnier moments than Barber Shop had, and the cast was diverse and overly talented. I wish it could be appreciated more.

  • Perhaps you can phrase this as a comparative analysis between the films Beauty Shop and Barber Shop. The writer can contrast and compare the cast, diversity, and humorous moments. – Jacque Venus Tobias 5 years ago
  • There might be a broader way to include this movie in either a category of movies or just several specific movies that received little attention. An essay would address several issues. Was the publicity about a movie handled poorly? What did reviewers have to say? How would such movies receive more attention? – Joseph Cernik 5 years ago
  • You could also compare Beauty Shop to both the play and film, Steel Magnolias (1989). The original setting (play) takes place entirely within Truvy's beauty shop, and most of the film takes place there as well. While a tear-jerker, Steel Magnolias also provides the viewer with many comedic moments. – RetroDarling 5 years ago

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