Behind the making of Fanservice

It’s probably well known that throughout the 2000’s, the most prominent teen drama from CW, and other networks featured at least one scene that involved a male cast member "tricked" into public humiliation. These specific scenes are pretty well-known online, and include:

Chad Michael Murray on Dawson’s Creek
Blair Redford on 90210
Richard Harmon, Izaak Smith and Calum Worthy on Tower Prep

From a story wise perception, explore these scenes, along with what do you think happened to their characters offscreen after such scenes.

From a filming perception, explore how the staff, and actors went about composing the scenes they were featured in.

  • Unique topic, I like it. Could also discuss the process and journey from the script/table read stage to the filming and premiere stage from the actor's point of view. – Thomas Munday 7 years ago

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