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Best Picture Books

When our kids were small, we owned lots of books and were regulars at the library, so a lot of picture books went by. Some were so wonderful the kids kept them, or bought copies for themselves as adults. Among those were several which were all about the art rather than the story. Would love to read a piece about the greatest picture books.

  • Since printing has become accessible to the general public, so many people are making children's books... – LaurenCarr 7 years ago
  • It could be interesting to see how the art contributes to the story, rather than being all about the art rather than the story. Especially with kids, pictures make scenes much easier to visualize. It could also be interesting to see how picture books now include more inclusive stories, such as the inclusion of LGBTQ families in children's picture books - could these picture books be considered great by breaking ground in LGBTQ representation? – aileenmaeryan 7 years ago
  • A helpful resource for this topic would be "Words About Pictures" by Perry Nodelman. He discusses the significance of the artwork in classic picture books such as "Where The While Things Are." – Kewalder 7 years ago
  • It is actually a good topic, I love picture books. True that some books are more great pictures and art than the story itself, and they can be as good a reading for adults as it is for children. – suepri 7 years ago

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