Best Teacher Characters in Anime or Manga

I’m thinking of a list of memorable teacher figures in anime/manga and a discussion on why they are so influential and popular both in the shows and among fans. Examples will include Kuro-sensei from Assasination Classroom, Ansai-sensei from Slam Dunk (technically not a teacher, but I think a "sensei" figure could fit into this topic as well), and of course the great Onizuka from Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO). It will be interesting to see what fans see in them and what traits they might not have when compared to other teachers.

  • I think that would be cool to have like the top/best teachers in anime/manga and then you could also add the worse and why – VICTORIA 7 years ago
  • I'd nominate Asuma from Naruto, who's been a really good teacher – RedFlame2000 4 years ago

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