Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Luca... Is it Worth Critiquing Them?

It’s hard to deny the impact of movies like Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Luca and so many others. And only a minority would question the competence and care with which they were made. But was all the praise born from the love of the art or love of the message? Setting aside the actual trolls and haters, if one had genuine and sincere criticism to aim at Black Panther or Wonder Woman, is it worth voicing them? Or has the social and political "bubble" that surrounds them made it impossible to do so without being labelled a bigot? If one were to reject the homosexual subtext of Luca in favour of the platonic friendship interpretation, is their opinion one that should be embraced in healthy discussion? Or have they suffered the same fate as the other guy? And what of me? As someone of Chinese descent, I enjoyed Shang-Chi as much as the next person. But what does it say about me that I hold Spider-Man above Shang-Chi? Is my voice a valid one? Or is it one that is lost in a sea of much louder and more aggressive voices, including ones that don’t actually belong to people that share my ancestral blood, but who shout and preach all the same?

  • This article could be tackling 'political correctness' more broadly in entertainment media. Like people complain about diversity or lack thereof in some tv shows, movies, tv shows. There's a South Park episode where Cartman says something along the lines of, "Black Panther sucks. I'm not racist, it's just not a good movie." The character of PC Principle in South Park is hilarious too, and addresses some of these things. It could be a fun little detail to refer to :-) To not start a heated flame war in the comments, it could be worth finding as many varied views on diversity as possible in relation to those movies (for example, what do African communities think of Black Panther and the political discussion around it? What do Asian countries think of it? etc) – Jordan 1 week ago

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