Blogging and Journalism

Blogging has become a large part of Journalism, both for professionals and amateurs. What are the positives and negatives of this?

  • One negative is certainly that the "anyone can do it" mentality over-saturates the market. It can be difficult for people to sift through the slush to find actual valuable information, not just random spurts of someone who can fake experience and their intelligence on the subject. – Christina Legler 8 years ago
  • While one positive is that blogging can give a voice to the people who may feel they are not given a chance to be heard. They can share their opinion on popular topics, participate in open discussions, and give new viewpoints to different stories. – Megan Finsel 8 years ago
  • Interesting, it would also be worth commenting on how this affects the more 'traditional' film critics, such as those established with print newspapers versus online critics, especially when it comes to making a living. – IsabelleMilton 8 years ago
  • While I think this is a good jumping off point, I think it presumes too much, e.g. that blogging is simply being accepted by everyone. I think this topic could includes points about what needs to change to further normalise bloggers, such as a way to find an appropriate convergence point for amateurs and professionals. Also, indication towards a paradigmatic shift about what journalism will be into the future. – Matthew Sims 8 years ago
  • Unsupported claim. Blogging and journalism are different things. – T. Palomino 5 months ago

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