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Blood Blockade Battlefront Review: Pure Unentertaining Energy

Blood Blockade Battlefront (also known as Kekkai Sensen) is Bones’ biggest hit in several years, selling over ten thousand DVDs/Blurays on the first volume with a bright future ahead for the remaining ones. With the director of Kyousogiga, the original manga being written by the man who brought us Trigun, and a well-respected studio who has produced some of anime’s biggest hits in the past, it seemed like a dream combination for all the nerds to fanboy over. But whilst the result has achieved a large fanbase thanks to its madcap energy, the actual quality of the show is anything but ideal.

Including the opinions on this review, the show has achieved a not-so insignificant amount of fan backlash for its decision to focus on style at the expense of substance, its shallow characterization, and the three-month delay between the penultimate episode and its finale due to scheduling/production issues. And despite the show’s visual and technical positives, BBB managed to actively throw away everything that could have made it a good time to the point that it became one of the worst anime the writer managed to finished this year.

It’s a show that thinks that as long as it looks cool, it doesn’t have to actually try. Well it’s right, given its popularity. But that won’t stop this reviewer from calling it out on its fundamental failures.

Rating: 3/10

  • I have not seen the show but from thise Tide Review, obviously I am curious to see it. I would like to follow up and measure what the reviewer has evaluated as a film in which style trumps substance while the film manages to be popular. – JeffinAurora 7 years ago
  • From what you've said about it focussing on style over substance, it sounds like an unfortuantely missed opportunity. That's a shame really. – mattdoylemedia 7 years ago
  • Actually did a first impression of this series on YouTube. – Joseph Manduke IV 7 years ago

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