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Branded Authors

Analyze authors who have become their own type of "brand", such as Nicholas Sparks or Sarah Dessen, who have easily identifiable work. For example both Nicholas Sparks and Sarah Dessen have their own "brand" of romance novels. Is the predictability of their work what continues to draw back readers because they know what to expect? Does the predictability lessen their literary merit? Look for other authors across different genres that have their own brand of work.

  • Doesn't every author has a brand? It is that author's voice, which is specific to a writer. You can pick out a writer from Stephen King to Margarett Attwood by just reading the work. That's why people have favourite authors ad will read their newest book. I think what you are talking about is writing-by-rote. What would be a really interesting article is analysing where the line between 'author's voice/brand' and 'writing by rote' is... – Francesca Turauskis 9 years ago
  • I thin this is an interesting topic because authors like Nicholas Sparks become almost tired because all their novels become predictable – samcel 9 years ago

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