Bullet Train had no substance

I feel like Bullet Train was a nothing story which looked amazing. The character designs were amazing, the lighting and cinematography were experimental and cool, but there was no meaning behind it. It was like they knew their film was bad so they decided to set it in Japan.

  • I disagree. The essence of the story is one of absurdity that is framed initially as coincidence, only to be revealed to be a complicated and frankly, convoluted scheme. It is a satire of crime dramas and ultimately confronts the human disposition towards complex and overdramatic plots. – skjamin 10 months ago
  • Referring to the previous notes on this topic, perhaps you could expand this article's focus to the film industry in general. Maybe you could investigate whether Bullet Train is part of a recent trend of style-over-substance films. Perhaps you could question whether it matters that action films, like Bullet Train, have a meaning. – CharlieSimmons 10 months ago

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