Can a movie be objectively bad?

Can it or can it not? Or can aspects be objectively bad for a film? Or is it all subjective? This is a neverending debate to some or an easy yes or no for others.

Critics tend to highlight mostly negative aspects of a movie and tend to ignore that there are passionate filmmakers behind these films, while fans are generally too forgiving, or tend to not demand better and just want a good time.

So what makes a movie good or bad, or is it more important how it makes you feel?

  • This is always going to be a tricky subject. Narrowing the subject matter down more would be better for determining objective good or bad. For example, one could try to objectively qualify the writing of the movie's script, in terms of plot-holes, natural flow of dialogue, or connection strength to presented themes. All of these topics are tricky and still hard to objectively qualify on their own, but it's miles easier than trying to do that AND the various other fields of work that make the film, such as costume design, editing, shot composition, music, etc. – SunGuard15 9 months ago
  • There is rich potential in this if objectivity and subjectivity can be adequately explored; one possible starting point would be Karl Popper's 'three worlds' concept which points to the two concepts as separate rather than occupying two ends of the same continuum. Another way into it might be to look into the various flavours of objectivity available (e.g. absolute objectivity, intersubjective consensus). – Jack Walton 9 months ago
  • I think this is a great topic to explore, as it is a never-ending debate among movie enthusiasts.In my opinion, there are definitely objective aspects that can make a movie "bad," such as poor acting, bad cinematography, and a weak plot. However, there are also subjective elements that can affect one's perception of a film, such as personal taste and emotional response. I believe it is important to strike a balance between objective analysis and subjective interpretation when reviewing a movie. While it's important to acknowledge the hard work that goes into making a film, it's equally important to objectively evaluate the technical and creative aspects of the film. I suggest exploring the opinions of both critics and fans in the article, as they often have different perspectives on what makes a movie good or bad. Additionally, it would be interesting to delve into the psychology of why people enjoy certain types of movies, and how that affects their perception of a film's quality. Overall, I think this topic has the potential to spark a thought-provoking conversation among movie lovers, and I look forward to reading the article once it is published. – sheldorzz 9 months ago
  • This is a really great topic to explore and I think there are many different ways to approach this. I think structurally speaking, there are distinctions between a good and bad film, but ultimately how the film makes you feel is what you remember the most. There are many objective analytical techniques you can use to determine the quality of a film, but there are also ways in which you can give a more personal or creative take within a critical analysis, which makes this topic an interesting line to draw upon. – Fasteddieemily22 8 months ago

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