Can anyone think of a fantasy (or sci-fi) story that is not rooted or inspired by a historical period or aesthetic?

Any good piece of fiction (fantasy or sci-fi) needs to be grounded in (a historical) reality to be relatable or believable. Even the best sci-fi stories that are set in the distant future (or past in the example of Star Wars) or in Galaxies worlds away are inspired by history.

For example, you can totally tell in Star Wars Tatooine is inspired by circa 1st-century Middle-East, the Jedi are Stoic/Buddhist in nature, and the Empire’s officers wear what appears to be reminiscent of the Nazi uniform.

Can anyone think of a fantasy narrative not inspired by history? Was it successful?

  • It's a fascinating subject. However, I believe that the main questions should be different. There is no such thing as a fantasy story that isn't inspired by history: if it isn't based on a history of cultures, a personal history, or intimate experiences. For example, the main issue could be how history shapes fictional storytelling, with many examples from fantasy narratives as case studies. – Samer Darwich 5 months ago
  • Just a tiny adjustment to my prior statement: [... if it isn't based on a history of cultures, *then it must be based on* a personal history or intimate experiences...] – Samer Darwich 5 months ago
  • I would first ask the question "What kind of story isn't inspired by history?". History is knowledge. Is it possible to conceive of a story without looking back and then projecting forward? I think you need to clarify what a negation would be and if there is any such negation before we can even consider what "good" fictions would qualify in this proposed category? – wolfkin 2 months ago

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