Can Graffiti Be Classed As Art?

Is Graffiti an example of artistic expression or simply vandalising public spaces?

  • Great debatable topic. Graffiti is artistic and holds culture along with oppression. Graffiti sends alerts throughout the community in as much as it sends visual beauty. By this I mean a “tag” can alert the community to a particular status that is happening in the neighborhood. Then there are visual graffiti artists that tell a story in a pleasing manner that still affects the community. It is the internet for various urban communities. In regards to vandalism yes there are criminal statutes in each city that label these markings as a criminal offense. Therefore, many talented graffiti artist remain anonymous. Then there are those who ‘tag’ and it can be a real eyesore to the community and then this becomes subjective to the person viewing it as all art does. We also have galleries that feature graffiti artists and it could be examined if the controlled environment of a gallery is able to display the same intensity of a freelance artist that uses buildings, buses, trains, etc. to display their works of art. This topic offers so many elements to explore and many pros and cons and many points of view. Thanks for this suggestion. – Venus Echos 7 years ago
  • Ditto everything Venus said, but also: Banksy, a pseudonymous English graffiti artist who is one of the best-well-known artists of this genre. Crazy talented. Can't do an article on this topic w/o mentioning him. – Monique 7 years ago

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