Can Nintendo maintain it's place as one of the three main console makers?

Nintendo’s place in the history of the video games industry is undeniable. However, this gaming generation they have stumbled. The Wii U has failed to successfully succeed it’s predecessor the Wii. The quality of it’s games have never wavered. This remains Nintendo’s saving grace. They have always maintain that they are a game company and hardware is secondary. Nintendo has received much criticism for their business strategies, many suggesting they abandoned their hardware altogether.

Many have defended Nintendo’s strategy, as being paramount to maintaining the quality of their games. Is the coupling of their games with hardware essential? Would Nintendo be better served by becoming a software maker only? Some have argued that the handheld gaming market has been taken over by mobile games. At first Nintendo felt no need to go mobile. However, they have changed course and have already begun releasing mobile games. Nintendo will not be porting their most popular games, but will utilize their vast roster of characters. Is it too late? How will this change affect their dominance in the handheld market?

Recently Nintendo has released software development kits for the NX, their next console. Rumors have been circulating that it’s a hybrid of a home console and handheld. Would this solve the issue? Another rumor out on the internet is that Nintendo has finally embraced focusing on power. Can this change in strategy finally get the elusive third parties on board? Overall, Nintendo has failed to recapture the success of the Wii. Their games have continued to sell and receive critical acclaim. However, this alone cannot help them return to the top of the gaming industry they help save in the 80’s. Will their next console pick up where the Wii left off? Is the gaming industry overreacting to the underwhelming reaction to the Wii U?

  • Even if Nintendo is struggling after the failure of the Wii-U they still will always be in the top 3 consoles. The console war between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft I believe will always hold the top sections unless Steam or another company can get a large enough audience to begin putting their foot into the arena. Nintendo has had its ups and downs but I believe with their next line up of titles (Zelda Wii-U especially) will help drive sales. If the rumors and a few other topics I have seen are true about the NX and its power and place in the next generation of consoles I expect great things from Nintendo and the new foothold they will have and what they will be able to work with if they have a powerhouse of a system. – GiovanniZeko 7 years ago
  • Great topic! I think it will always be in the big 3. I think what is most notable about them is that they pioneer new ways to play. Systems tend to follow suit. Nintendo has a consistent recipe that they don't let go of, which may make it feel like a stagnant console, with party games and well known repeated characters and titles. However, GameBoy and Wii changed the game and systems followed in that direction. I believe Pokemon Go will be a huge victory for them based on the buzz on the internet about it. It's basically a re-imagination of Pokemon Snap, so I believe Nintendo learns from it's mistakes and then does infinitely better. To only wait 3-4 years to announce the next console, it sounds as though something good is coming to replace a weaker investment. As whole Nintendo may be safe. – Aurianna Mansell 7 years ago
  • Although it is still making its way in the market, I would say that Nintendo is failing at capturing audiences like it used to. It seems like most games are for parties and kids, which is fun and all but it falls short when it comes to older gamers that are looking for addicting story-lines and-game play. I know many people who sold their Wii because they got board with it. That saying Nintendo can't hold its place if it can't sustain its legendary image. – LaRose 7 years ago

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