Can the MCU survive the times after the end of the Infinity Saga?

Using the trends of Hollywood and the direction Marvel is going in, predict the success of the MCU post Endgame. Will the MCU go out like the westerns did, or will it soar to higher heights?

  • I might also suggest detailing why the Infinity Saga would signal an "end of an era," so to speak, as an inference made here is that it is in some way a game changer either in a positive or more stagnating way. There's something about this saga that's different. I would posture that, for me, I struggle to care for characters who aren't connected to the main Avengers group, as someone not very engaged in the genre. It may be hard to transition to a different mythos. – Emily Deibler 3 years ago
  • I like this topic: I think you could argue if MCU using popular characters. If the I have no doubt that the writing of another saga will be a success as the infinity saga. But if Marvel is to be truly successful they need to either create lovable characters or use popular ones from the comics. If there is anything about Avengers endgame fans love fan service, so the inclusion of the Mutants, S.W.O.R.D, Adam, beta ray bill, sinister 6 etc all of the popular and loved characters should allow them to survive. It's just all about the right pace and characters. – Amelia Arrows 3 years ago

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