Captain America: Civil War

You can focus on the hype around Civil War – Spoilers included for anyone who has not saw the film yet (I have). So Easter eggs, Spider-Man, and Black Panther!!!! Focus on how Civil War led up to the hype, or it didn’t. Were all the good parts of the film in the trailers? All the really good fight scenes as well, considering most of them were in the trailers for the most part. The awesome Spider-Man scene with his Aunt and Tony – How Tom is going to change the MCU (if at all).

1. Focus on the hype of Civil War, did it lead up to the hype and expectations?
2. Did the trailers prove to tell too much?
3. Will this lead into another Spider-Man film that will be different? Did this show something different about the Spider-Man character?
4. The prequel to Black Panther and how he will evolve in the MCU
5. Easter eggs that will lead to other films, or even hints to what will happen in the future of MCU as well

  • Loved Civil War and thought it was great. I hope someone writes on this topic soon a I would love to read more about it. – Munjeera 6 years ago
  • I would love to read a critical analysis of the MCU as a whole and it's effects on how individual superhero movies are made. – ColinCobb 6 years ago
  • You could expand on this idea by analyzing how Marvel has kept the anticipation going from the post credit scene in Iron-Man and how the promotion for each subsequent movie affects audience expectations. – Rico 6 years ago
  • If I remember my Marvel comic book timeline, Spidey was always crossing over into the avengers comics. They asked Spider-Man to join the Avengers a few times but Spidey turned them down, so I think he was made an honorary avenger. – jamiepashagumskum 6 years ago
  • It would be cool if there was a discussion the future of the characters in the MCU after the consequences of Civil War, particularly the #TeamCap characters, and also specifically the implications for the upcoming Infinity Wars movies. – andreacr 6 years ago

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