Colonial representation in comic arts

We are all familiar with the work of Tintin by the Belgian author Hergé. We might be less aware of the controversy that his work created several years ago by some of his work in Belgium and other French speaking part of the world. One of his most (in)famous work: Tintin au Congo written during the 1960 depicted Africans as simple minded people needing the (white) Belgians to know how to survive in Africa. This is true in the narrative but also how Africans are being represented/drawned by the author. The Black panther movement in Belgium has made that specific book removed from the children section to the adult section in libraries. It has also pushed the publisher to review the content of the book and how Africans are represented in the book, considered by many, as offensive. Are there any similar situations in other part of the world where comics are being revised because they were offensive? Could we also look at why some resists the pressure of changing their books/art because they claim it was written at a different time and should be considered historic documents (just like Hergé tried first when first critics arrived at his door.)

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