Comic Book and Video Game Awards? I'm Tired of the Oscars.

Have you ever wondered why Comic Books and Video Games (And I mean some class act video games) are never treated with the respect that movies, television shows and novels are? Movies have their Oscars, Television Shows have their Emmys and sometimes, the two share the Golden Globes. Books on the other hand have their Newbery and Caldecott Medals. But where are those ceremonies for mediums that have more than proven themselves in the world of entertainment? It’s pretty ridiculous that all these other forms of entertainment are being praised with awards, which just isn’t fair. Or is it? Glamorization and glorification of a specific medium (ahem… film… ahem) overhypes and overrates it, to the point where audiences blame ceremony holders for playing favorites. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that comic books and video games aren’t subject to this rat race? Is it a bad thing that they weren’t considered at all to at least be invited to a race where talent, a fairly subjective quality, is given an award? Maybe it’s a good thing, but then again … the article has yet to be written.

  • Both have their awards already. Comics have the Eisner Award and are capable of winning various other literary awards as well. The Hugo Awards for science fiction has a specific award for sci-fi comics. Video Games have The Game Awards, which are broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, Steam, and other websites. This award show has both jury voted awards and fan voted awards. – nsnow 7 years ago

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