Comments on a Cooking Video

I was once looking at one of Tasty’s YouTube videos (they do recipe videos). The video was a recipe for Japanese Honey Bread. It’s a weird recipe that was surprisingly complicated for a not very complicated food. I scrolled down to the comments and surprised to see a ton of angry remarks on how overly complicated the recipe was. And the longer you scrolled the more appalled and heated the comments got. I didn’t understand why a recipe video could bring out so much angst in people.

So my question is, why do people feel the need to comment on things they don’t like? I mean, if it is something that offended you and you felt the need to declare it morally incorrect, that’s one thing. But why would so many people waste time giving attention and criticism to something as inconsequential as a lame recipe?

  • Screaming into the void simulates importance/meaning in life, ha. I like the anecdote, but I don't think it's relevant unless you're suggesting a case study, or plan to write the topic yourself. Might recommend an edit? Though I think the case study route would be really great. – m-cubed 5 years ago
  • My theory is, we are taught throughout life to "be nice." Sometimes that translates into not saying what you think, or telling the truth, because it's rude or mean. Most people are a bit freer online because online comments don't run as much of a risk when it comes to insulting a specific person. Sometimes people also make negative comments because they need assurance that others feel the same way/it's okay to feel the way they do. – Stephanie M. 5 years ago

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