Commercials: Why the interruptions and why the loudness?

Why do commercials cut other commercials off? What are they trying to accomplish? Do they wish to turn off potential customers by blaring their product at you or getting their ad out first?

  • Supposedly, there is a rule/regulation in the US that commercials can't be louder than the show/movie that you're watching, but I don't know if this ever really happened. It seems that the commercials are still louder than the program I'm watching. The point of ads are to get your attention, even if you don't buy the product. Sometimes, you get a jingle stuck in your head or remember a bizarre or humorous add, and that recognition in itself might be some sort of victory for the ad agencies. – S.A. Takacs 9 years ago
  • The cutting off of other commercials may not be a conscious choice by advertisers, but rather a time constraint by the network. If the spot goes over its 15/30/60 second allotment or doesn't have enough trail visuals, it may get cut off. The audio is most definitely a way to grab your attention. – AloraP 9 years ago

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