Compare the themes of British cinema and Latin American Cinema

Analyse different themes within British cinema and Latin American cinema to see whether they portray similar themes . If they don’t have similar themes then compare the films on what makes them so different and whether the themes are in keeping with the time they were released.

  • Based on several years of Latin American film study during college and just as much leisure viewing of British film production, I venture to say that both exhibit an 'Old World' atmosphere that overlap and that cater to certain personal inclinations. To be fair, you can replace the British portion of this topic with any other European country and still argue consistently with equal efficacy. It is a viable topic that would prove fascinating for a discerning audience, given the right author. Only suggestion is to amplify by exploring and examining social, political, or economic themes rather than just general themes as posed. – L:Freire 3 years ago
  • An interesting topic suggestion, but one that would benefit from a little more definition. Perhaps examining specific genres explored in the films from different countries in Latin America in comparison to those from Britain. It's also worth considering that cinema from the Northern parts of Britain can be, and is often, radically different in the way it deals with similar themes and/or issues that are also explored in the South. As an example, look back to the 60' and 70's 'kitchen sink' dramas from the North of England that dealt with issues such as long-term unemployment, owing to the closure of ship yards and traditional industries. There is a distinct North-South divide in Britain. Is there such a divide amongst Latin American countries, and if so, then how is this portrayed in cinema from those countries? – Amyus 3 years ago

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