Comparing the Monster: Analyze the differences between the creature in the 1931 Frankenstein and 1994's Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

There are many ways the Creature in the 1994 film "Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein" is different from it’s original, classic incarnation from 1931 in "Frankenstein." One example is, obviously, the Creature talks in the remake. What effects do these changes have on the film? Are we more sympathetic to the Creature in the remake or the original film? What relationship does it have to the book?

  • Hi, I recommend you talk about how much the 1994 version is based on the basic outline and some of the elements of the book by Shelley (which is one of the best books ever created, in my opinion). – SeanGadus 6 years ago
  • Look at the difference between classic and modern gothic and the kinds of thematic shifts that have taken place there. Monsters used to be something used as a scapegoat, pinning our fears onto anything 'Other'. Nowadays, the monsters are often more sympathetic creations, and our fears are turned inwards. – TomWadsworth 6 years ago

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