Competing Ideologies and Character Dilemmas

Characters facing conflicts make for an interesting story, and we know characters may experience different types of conflicts with other characters or even the world they exist in. How, then, do ideologies fit into this? Many people have a set of beliefs to follow, but what happens when one of their beliefs contradict another belief they have? Just an example of many, but consider Simba from The Lion King and how he has to choose between leaving home to achieve freedom or return home to fulfill his role as heir to the throne (obviously there are more examples of other characters facing competing ideologies, this is just the first that came to mind).
How do ideologies add interest to the story and how do competing ideologies perhaps enhance the story altogether?

  • Interesting topic idea. I think ideologies often make for interesting character conflicts, because they're intangible yet can be constraining. – WesternPaladin 4 years ago

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