Comprehensive list of Space Western Anime

Provide a top list of Space Western styled anime. Some I recommend to include are my personal favorites:

1. Cowboy Bebop- probably my favorite group of characters in a show ever. The way the show developed them and their relationships was so subtle and beautiful. Not to mention the animation, action and especially music were top notch as well.

2. Trigun- it’s a tad dated and has some pacing issues, but the good things more than outweigh the flaws. Vash is an awesome and admirable character supported by a great cast, and the story went to dark and unexpected places which I loved.

3. Outlaw Star- lots of fun and very impressive for 1998. The animation and action is fluid along with the main characters always being enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately the show always lost me from time to time with some goofy/immature moments and episodes, plus there really isn’t a lot of depth to the characters outside of Gene and Melfina. Still, good series.

  • Perhaps have the introduction explain what space western anime is and what separates it from sci-fi anime or anime like Heroic Age and Gurren Lagann. – BethanyS 7 years ago
  • You could also take some time to discuss why the genre is so beloved. There's something about a space western that is exciting and works well, even though it's such an odd combination. Take Firefly for instance. – acschum 7 years ago
  • What about the Wild Arms series of JRPGs? I don't recall if they were spacey, but they were in that Western vein. – Kristian Wilson 7 years ago

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