Creating Sequels as the Audience Ages

A lot of movies create sequels that take place years after the original, but do some match the times with the ages of the audiences? Toy Story and Monster’s Inc. are good examples of movies with what seems to be time sensitive sequels. While everyone enjoyed Toy story, it was meant to be a movie for younger children when it first came out. By the time the third one came out, Andy was grown up and leaving for college. This was the same for a lot of the original children who watched the first Toy Story. Did Disney do this on purpose?

  • Actually, I think it is done on purpose. I think it is being consistent on how long it takes them to draw or computer animate a movie and they want children and adult alike to feel as though they still have some connection within the movie. However, in the Toy Story movie, the only thing that is accurate as far as time and age is Andy was 10 years old when the 1999 movie came out. However, with the time frame of 1999-2010 Andy should at be 21 years old instead of 17. I don't know why he couldn't be 21 when the movie came out, but I guess they didn't want to promote his college days to much... – Dreamersleepy 7 years ago

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