Marvel vs. DC Cinematic Universe

A lot of time has been spent looking at the continuity in the Marvel cinematic universe, very few look at the DC cinematic Universe. What I hope for a writer to do is explore, compare and contrast the two cinematic universes. One is owned by Disney and another by its competitor Time Warner, so there will be similarities but there will also be differences. How does the competition between Dsney and Time Warner reflect in the competition between Marvel and DC? With a New Batman appearing in Dawn of Justice, and a Captain Marvel movie due out starring Dwayne Johnson, what can we hope to see in regards to the main continuity climax in the upcoming cinematic film, Justice League? How do reboots effect this continuity in terms of Spiderman and Batman?

  • The DC Universe, unfortunately, is very poorly conceived. Only recently, with the initial release of "Man of Steel" was it even intended to start making all of the movies take place in one consistent universe, rather than have each film be a unique and stand-alone interpretation. So at the moment, there ISN'T a cinematic universe, it's just barely started. All of the four original Superman films, all of the four original Batman films, the Daredevil Movie, Elektra, Green Lantern, and the Nolan Batman Trilogy, have absolutely nothing to do with each other outside of being based on comics from the same company. But there was never any intention to make all of these films related to each other, have consistent character or casting, or to allude to any plot details or information between different films. Only NOW is this sort of singular universe beginning to take shape, and it's honestly not off to a good start. So I don't consider this topic something that can be explored quite yet. Maybe in another 5 years, when more DC properties get their own films, and we get the first Justice League film. – Jonathan Leiter 7 years ago
  • I definitely agree with Jonathan above. Marvel has grown exponentially over the past couple years and they show no sign of stopping. People will always still keep watching their movies, even if it becomes ridiculous. Like he said before, the Marvel movies are all connected. DC started this off with the "Man of Steel" movie. Now, we are also going to see the new Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). These next couple years are key for DC. They have to produce great movies that draw in the fans or I don't think they will ever compete with Marvel. – diehlsam 7 years ago
  • Then perhaps a good way to adapt this article suggestion is to examine what DA must do, and what differences Man of Steel has with the first Marvel movie, and what to expect from the DA continuity based on that. – SpectreWriter 7 years ago

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