Deescalating Hyperpartisanship in comics

At least in the West, it doesn’t take too long to notice how overtly politicized, if not hyperpartisan the landscape of the comics scene has become.

By this point, blaming one side or other is all but moot. So how can this polarized environment deescalate before it devolves into all out culture war?

Granted, given the nature of such issues, it can be difficult to prove such a thing unless the writer/artist directly state their intentions. Better, perhaps, to focus on a singular writer/artist or comic book series and analyze it. Talk about its strengths and weakness as a piece of art, and what it’s indicative of.

  • Another possible suggestion, which I think would work with the topic as it currently is exploring politics in comics throughout the decades and highlighting prominent comics and how the public reacted to them. This would be a massive undertaking, but to properly and fairly represent politics in comics I think it would be worth it. You could use the past to lead into modern comics and discuss the current trends in modern comics. – Blackcat130 7 months ago

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