Defining a true fan

It is becoming a more and more common divisive argument between us: what truly makes someone a fan of an actor or a musician or a movie? Over time it has become less credible to simply enjoy a finished product (regardless of its category) and more about the politics of who knows the most facts, easter eggs, and can quote the most lines/lyrics etc. It is becoming more and more evident that the intentions of those who claim to belong to a fanbase, are becoming less satisfied with the simple act of belonging to a group of likeminded individuals and instead about outcompeting our neighbours. What credits a claim to being a fan of something?

  • Very interesting, especially considering how many fandoms are out there and the "fan wars" that often occur within them. – Stephanie M. 4 years ago
  • I feel like this article could have a conclusion on whether the term 'true fan' should be used - whether it is sufficient to use to discriminate between fans OR take the angle that the whole fan label debate is ridiculous and shouldn't be competitive. – Abbey 4 years ago
  • Could also include fan interactions, how they interact within the fandom whether it is toxic or supportive. Some fandoms are family whereas others can be horrible to be in. – maggieveach 4 years ago
  • Might be interesting to look at the price of fame as well as the positives and negatives of fandoms. There is a great book called 'I Was Born For This' by Alice Oseman about this theme. :) – Zohal99 4 years ago

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