Depiction of collegiate Greek life in movies

Most movies about fraternities and sororities seem to want to convince us that they’re either full of slobbering-drunk, pain-inflicting "students" (because they never seem to do homework or care about class) or clones forced to fit a certain mold. Why might this be? Are these accurate depictions of Greek life or not?

  • Also another interesting dimension could be how these types of movies influence collegiate Greek life in America as well. – Kevin 6 years ago
  • I feel this is a very stereotypical viewpoint most have about Greek life. What movies don't mention is how some Greek organizations are solely academic/educational and are helpful for students looking for jobs post-graduation. Movies also forget to mention that a lot of Greek organizations give back to the community, volunteer, and do lots of fundraisers. I feel like most depictions of Greek life are inaccurate. This is a great topic to write about. – Marina 6 years ago
  • I think this is an interesting topic to explore since only a small percentage of the populations has an association to these collegiate organizations, but their impact is felt throughout society. The common connotations around Greek life entail a certain understanding of an undergraduate college career whereas there are more aspects to consider, such as the culture of the institution of student demographics. In addition to this, the study of multicultural Greek life is also an aspect of these organizations that hasn't been fully explored. These type of organizations are also part of college campuses and create impact and positive contributions to their campus in different ways. – Adriana 3 years ago

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