Depictions of the cat in the history of art.

From Egyptian times through postmodern art and contemporary visual culture, the image of the cat has been popular as subject matter for sculptors, painters and other artists. What is it about cats that compels us to render their likeness or hang their portraits on our walls? Is it simply their elegance and beauty or is it their intelligence and the mystery of their inner thoughts, or is it the companionship and the emotion connection we feel with them at our sides or on our laps?

  • Would this topic include the phenomenon of watching cat videos or memes online? I would love to see this topic come full circle. – Cmandra 7 years ago
  • Also interesting to consider the pervasive association with cats and witchcraft! The cat has, for a long time, been a symbol of beauty, but mischief and evil. – agombar 7 years ago

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