Detective Fiction

Who are some fictional detectives from literature, television, or cinema who don’t get enough attention and adaptations? Why do they deserve more recognition? This obviously excludes Sherlock Holmes and Sam Spade.

  • A fine idea. To actually have a topic to write about you (or whoever wants to take the topic) would need to identify a couple underrated detectives and then identify the reasons they should get more attention. Perhaps it can be a compare & contrast setup; what does this detective have that Sherlock doesn't? What advantages does he/she have over Sherlock that warrant more recognition? – noahspud 4 years ago
  • I would recommend including your criteria of what a detective is so that readers know what types of characters you will be including. – Sean Gadus 4 years ago
  • You should look into Walter Mosley's character Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins. He's definitely a character that doesn't get as much spotlight as he should. Mosley is a popular detective fiction writer and Rawlins is the main protagonist in plenty of his novels. You might want to consider Will Graham from Thomas Harris's Hannibal lecter series. – AbeRamirez 4 years ago
  • Interestingly I don't actually know who Sam Spade is, so I would actually suggest that you could look at this topic and examine why some representations of characters is perpetually reinforced while others fade away in this genre. And that even when some take an iconic role for granted, this may not perhaps been understood or known by others. – SaraiMW 4 years ago

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