Determining the Pitfalls to BioWare’s Anthem Conundrum

Anthem, the newest action RPG by BioWare and EA, was released in February this year to mixed reviews. After a massive hype and marketing campaign, gamers were on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the open-world adventure. But in the wake of the Fallout 76 backlash, this loot shooter type gameplay has also fallen flat. PC Gamer has called it “deeply flawed” and BGR said it’s “an Iron Man simulator”. But why is this so? This article would compare the pros and cons to the new open-world game including elements such as: game mechanics, graphics, story line, and dialog. It would compare Anthem to similar games such as Destiny 2 and Fallout 76. Finally, it would suggest ways that BioWare could improve on the game overall, including: an improved loot system, a broader map, a stronger story line, a more thoroughly developed history, and additional, varied missions.

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