Different Country Perspectives on World Events in Film

It’s a common subject for films to cover their respective countries’ events, especially if they take place on a global scale. Films like Schindler’s List and Life is Beautiful are made in different countries, yet portray the topic of being in a concentration camp in WW2 differently. It would be interesting to analyze how films portray different parts of the world in other countries. It could help a viewer gain perspective on how filmmakers choose to depict these events.

  • This is a good idea. it would also be intriguing to build on this notion to try understand how certain catastrophes have affected a countries film industry. for example post 9/11 Hollywood has incorporated the falling sky scraper trope into many of its disaster films. – Iliasbakalla 5 years ago
  • An interesting choice of subject matter and one that has a great potential for exploring alternate points of view - essential in these days of Hollywood biased 'Americanised' view of world events (no offence intended towards the American people). Regarding WW2, I would recommend viewing such films as 'Eien No O' (The Eternal Zero) [2013], an excellent Japanese film about the treatment of pilots in the Japanese Air Force towards the end of WW2; also the critically acclaimed 'Das Boot' [1981] (The Boat), a superb and harrowing film about the crew of a German U-Boat' to name just a couple. I would suggest including accounts from the ordinary men and women involved in such conflicts and wars; those who had to carry out the sometimes ludicrous orders of their so called 'superiors. It would also be interesting to include how propaganda was employed by all sides and the effect that had on its intended audience. – Amyus 5 years ago

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