Digital Humanities

How can digital humanities be used in the classroom to keep college students engage and to help modernize the English major?

  • I really want to know more about this topic. As Sarai noted, what is digital humanities? Are you envisioning English classrooms that use digital media completely in place of traditional methods like books and primary sources, or a mixture of traditional and digital media? Can you find examples of strong student projects made with digital humanities, or perhaps assignments that depend on them? (One example: When I was a senior in high school, my English teacher asked us to make a video or script, in teams or on our own, based on a song that told a story. The song could be in any genre--rock, country, folk, you name it. I did a Broadway piece. For another example, a lot of today's HS English teachers have their students make book trailers). – Stephanie M. 3 weeks ago
  • I think digital humanities in the classroom can be helpful as a learning tool. However, maybe a more detailed description of what these tools are being used for and how this technology affects college students today. You could explore a specific type of digital application. - Richard – Richard 3 weeks ago

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