Disability in Comics -- And How Disability Can Be Strength

Explore the relationship between physical/mental/emotional disabilities and powers in superhero history. How and when does a disability create the parameters for the hero’s powers. To further this argument, delve into the role of personifying disabilities as strengths and what effect does that have on those who read comics but live with those disabilities?
Simple examples – Daredevil’s skill set is dependent on his blindness. Whereas Hawkeye’s deafness does not necessarily create the parameters for his abilities. What are the differences to these approaches?

  • Barbara Gordon/Oracle could also be discussed. – Emily Deibler 7 years ago
  • Sometimes disability is addressed negatively as in the person had a physical limitation or a loved one had a limitation and getting the person healed was a motivation to discover an antidote for the physical challenge. But maybe your take sounds different from what I am writing about here. – Munjeera 7 years ago
  • It's how the character deals and struggles with their disability. In spite of their shortcomings they prove that with resolve and determination anything can be overcome. – RadosianStar 7 years ago

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