Disney and Fairy Tales

Disney has turned some of the most well-known fairy tales into films. What are some lesser known tales that might make successful films? How might some of the more "grim" of the tales be adapted for young audiences?

  • I'd like to see Disney work with more Greek Myths. Specifically Psyche and Cupid. The "hero" i female, which is rare to Greek Mythology, and obviously a female Hero would find appeal to the Disney Princess brigade. – RJWolfe 7 years ago
  • Maybe you could analyse how Studio Ghibli managed to deal with "grim" themes, for example Princess Kaguya, and suggest what Disney could learn from this. – Ryan Errington 7 years ago
  • Personally I would like to see Disney do something edgy and avant-garde like Fantasia, but that can only happen if the corporate aspect of Disney is dismantled. – Travis Kane 7 years ago

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