Disney at the Box-Office: Do Big Budgets Matter?

Recent summer box-office results have labeled Tomorrowland as 2015’s biggest box-office bomb, with an estimated loss of around $120-150 million. While Disney is notable for spawning a huge money-making franchise with Pirates of the Caribbean, the studio has also produced its share of expensive flops, including John Carter and The Lone Ranger. Despite these bombs, the studio shows no signs of learning from past mistakes and seems to be set on spending more money on big productions to re-create the success of Pirates of the Caribbean. This begs the questions of why these films continue to flop for Disney and whether spending more money on projects makes any difference with creating critical or financial success.

  • I think this with those examples you mentioned is more so about trying to make films that focus on trends. Most executives cannot predict how well a film would do, but if they see that it is based on something popular or believe it has potential, they'll put money towards it. The funny thing is that these are also the same executives that believed that Frozen would be a financial flop, and look at it, its the complete opposite to films like The Lone Ranger. But at the same time, its a thing that every studio is guilty of, for every good film they finance, they always finance a bad film when they think it'll bring in the crowds. Most executives only care about the profits, but too bad they always like to gamble as well with projects. – Ryan Walsh 8 years ago

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