Divergent: Who Sympathises With Tris Prior?

Does anyone actually relate to her as a character? IMO, she’s literally too perfect, a typical Mary Sue conjured by an inexperienced writer, unlike Katniss.

  • This is a really interesting topic and question to bring up. I have read the Divergent series and do agree that Tris is a very different kind of person but someone else could definitely relate to her. – Brooke McQueen 7 years ago
  • This could also take a look at the different characterizations of characters and which ones have worked the best in film to explain Tris Prior's success or downfall as a relatable character. – RachelLMcIntyre 7 years ago
  • You could relate her struggle to those of Katniss and Bella Swan. How does she handle herself in comparison? Is she more or less interesting? – Thomas Munday 7 years ago
  • Yeah I agree with you, it'll be interesting to see how they compare. Maybe Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments can also be added though I'm really not familiar with that series. If nobody wants to take this topic in the next week or so, I'm happy to write about it :) though it'll only be about Tris, Katniss and Bella (movie versions, sorry book fans!). – Arlinka Larissa 7 years ago

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