Does Anime need plot?

Most anime have heavy plot and drama to keep the show going. This season, "Sakamoto desu ga?" is an interesting example of an anime where not only is there little relation between episodes, but episodes are even split into separate short stories. Is this a bad thing? What kind of successful anime in the past have been less plot-centred, if any?

  • You many want to narrow the focus of this. Generally, most stories need a plot. The quick answer would be, "Yes." Maybe focus on the negative and positive aspects of filler in long running anime and how it has an effect on the plot? – Joseph Manduke IV 6 years ago
  • For comedy anime, not really. But for an action/adventure series, there definitely needs to be a story or things will get boring. – melvin2898 6 years ago
  • It still has a plot. It's just a non-conventional plot. – T. Palomino 4 months ago

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