Does James Bond need to rediscover its humour?

The recent film ‘Kingsman’ was marketed as a tongue-in-cheek James Bond movie, with the gadgets and quips that have been missing since the reboots staring Daniel Craig. Has Bond been too serious recently? And if so, what would be the best way of ‘de-booting’ it again? Would Craig be the actor to do it, or are there younger actors to take his place.

  • Interesting topic. The reboots with Daniel Craig have been much more serious compared to previous films. Skyfall deviated from the normal pattern of Bond films: the tone was much darker and the gadgets very minimal. There might be a shift back to Bond's origins, as M is a man again, Money Penny has returned, and I think the next Bond film will reintroduce SPECTRE. I think there is potential for Craig's Bond to bring back a bit of the humor and gadgets, but the tone of the reboots is already much different that the originals. – S.A. Takacs 8 years ago

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