Does Jarred Leto's New Joker Look Work?

DC recently released a picture of Jarred Leto as The Joker in the 2016 film Suicide Squad. This is obviously a total departure from the original Joker look; with the metal teeth and tattoos make him look more like more of a grunge metal band member than The Joker. With that said, does it still work regardless of it. It may be too soon to judge, as the film in not even near completion yet. Let’s not forget that everyone hated the Joker look in The Dark Knight, and by the end, everyone loved his performance.

  • I think this topic would need to be broadened somehow, you just wouldn't get a full length article out of a discussion of the look of this Joker. Maybe if you look at different representations of him through comics, movies, TV and brought this newest version into that, that could still work. – Tyler McPherson 7 years ago

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