Does mainstream media cater to certain political parties in writing articles?

Analyse why some believe that the media only caters to certain individuals or their political party. Does this happen more than in the USA Vs Canada or other countries?

  • When you say mainstream media, are you talking about physical/online newspapers (NYT), corporate television news (CNN), or both? – Emily Deibler 3 years ago
  • Agreeing with the comments already set out. Narrow down the focus to either newspapers or news channels and support it all with credible facts and examples (eg biases against socialist candidates on liberal corporate news agencies etc) – Will Nolen 3 years ago
  • This idea has potential, but there needs to be a clear focus. I would suggest a critical analysis of the coverage of different media outlets is too broad to cover. – John Wilson 3 years ago
  • The title seems like a loaded title. The term "mainstream media" is a problem--where is the dividing line? Usually when the term is used or even shortened to just letters, MSM, the implication is that it is "liberal" or in the pocket of the Democrats. Probably an essay addressing this needs to see how this MSM examined Clinton when he was President, or health care during the Obama Presidency, or how over-the-top this MSM went after Hillary Clinton and the email hacked issue, or how much free publicity Trump got leading up to the 2016 election. Then, a question arises: What liberal bias in the mainstream media? – Joseph Cernik 3 years ago
  • An article on this would need to be narrowed down a lot. This has the potential to cover so much. – Samantha Leersen 3 years ago

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