Does T.V. and the Media influence who we are?

This idea is formulated out of a state of mind in which many who read this will not understand. By this I mean I am discovering life in many new ways. I believe life however is cliche and transitioned in how we view life through a television screen, or through Netflix. Quick idea, what is a major idea of behaviorism from Erickson? Any guess? Environment is a part. I would like to stress and idea of behaviorism environmental influence for further ideas of culture, hate, greed, and love. I would like to guide a mind throughout the idea of environment controlling someone’s fate over genetics. The idea of judging someone by their character as aside from their skin could be a close comparison. However, I do not want this to get into a racial issue. I simply would like to in further posts explain how behavior’s and reaction are more predictable and influential by environment than genetics. Comment if you would like to hear more blogs or comment if there is anything I could perfect or work on. I am open-minded to suggestion and will take it into consideration for further studies.

  • I think this is under writing whereas it could be under Art. TV and the media, which should not be capitalized by the way, have to be defined here. What do you mean by media? Also, the media is not a monolithic or unified institution. Also, what is meant by TV? TVs are inanimate objects that actually cannot do anything. This topic has potential but needs clarification in terms of explaining the concepts. – Munjeera 6 years ago
  • I'm not sure this is an appropriate topic. It's axiomatic that TV and media "influence who we are." There are countless studies going back decades demonstrate how the embedded ideologies as well as the explicit content in media shapes societies and individuals. Let's find a way to refine this. Instead of asking such a vague and well-trod question, let's focus on a specific film, show, or game and provide a close reading of its influence on an individual or a whole society. – Richard Marcil 6 years ago
  • psychologically speaking the "nature vs. nurture" debate has been long over. We are given genes to start with and although environment dictates which genes get turned on it can only influence the genes that we have. Even a shy child reared by encouraging, outgoing parents and is constantly bathed in overconfident media will revert to being shy in times of stress. Ultimately, our genes are responsible for determining temperament and personality while environment provides guidelines for what we do with it. Perhaps a better question would be to what extent does a particular TV show or form of media influence our decisions as a society or culture? – ReidaBookman 6 years ago
  • See feedback loop (entertainment influences man, and man influences entertainment). – J.D. Jankowski 6 years ago
  • I got lost in your cathartic reflection, but regarding your question (the title of your topic), yes, it does. – T. Palomino 3 months ago

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