Does the anime community exist?

You can’t be an anime fan on the internet and not heard people saying “I’m part of the anime community.” or “The anime community really angers me.”

You never hear someone say they are part of the TV community so why should there be an anime community? One anime fan might watch nothing but magical girl show and another might watch nothing but sport based show, do you really expect them both to get along just because they both like anime?

Should people who like anime using the phrase “anime community” refer to smaller sub groups over just lumping them altogether?

Explore the difference of the anime community from other possible communities (is there one for French animation? How about German? Or foreign ones in general?) as well as the fan base of American animation in Japan, and how they view it in their own context. Is this a unique phenomenon in North America or does it happen in the UK, China, African nations, etc.

  • Definitely an interesting idea. This idea of an "anime community" is definitely divisive if not entirely alienating to people. I feel like fringe hobbies like this suffer from this often so I'd say it's a topic worth pursuing. – Alex McDonough 7 years ago
  • I agree that this would be an interesting topic to write about and I would want to read it. The writer should look into the different ways people define the "community" and how it effects viewer of anime as a whole. – ShelbyLee 7 years ago
  • It depends what kind of 'Dose' you're talking about. – Lazarinth 7 years ago
  • This is similar to the misguided notion that anime is a genre, rather than an art form which can include the usual genres. – OddballGentleman 7 years ago
  • The better question is how does the anime community/fans present themselves? – Jordan 7 years ago

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