Dr. Stone, Civilization, and Conservation

Dr. Stone opens onto a world where all human beings have turned into stone and the planet has reclaimed itself. Those who have had the good fortune of breaking out of their "mortal coil" set out to restore human civilization. Nature looms as an overpowering presence while characters duke out their personal beliefs and philosophies. Does Dr. Stone set a tone for conservation especially in our real world threatened by global warming? What does it inform us about society building, the importance of civilization, and the ultimate costs?

  • I have yet to watch Dr. Stone the anime, but was immensely interested upon seeing the trailer for the series, and read a little bit into the manga. Following in the footsteps of several other manga classics that have set the tone for environmental conservation, Dr. Stone I believe intends to achieve the same. Nature is certainly an overpowering presence in reality, but I personally feel that we speak about the looming threat of global warming from the perspective that it is us against nature when in reality global warming is anthropogenic. In that sense, I think Dr. Stone leans toward emphasizing the importance of a symbiotic course of living where we respect nature, and see ourselves as a "mortal coil" intrinsically entwined in nature rather than one separated from it. – ajaymanuel 3 years ago
  • Dr. who? Just kidding. Interesting topic. I'd be interested to see a discussion of environmental conservation vs. "saving the planet," and what lines differentiate the two (some say there is no difference, but others I've met are pretty eager to separate conservation from preservation). – Stephanie M. 3 years ago

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