Drawing a fine line between freedom of speech and offence.

What exactly is the definition of freedom of speech and at what point is it considered offensive? We all are passionate about one thing or another and have the free will to act upon it by saying what we believe in. So what if your point doesn’t bode well with someone else’s? To what extent can you express your opinion about a particular belief, topic or idea without causing an outrage, violence or backlash for holding your opinion?

  • I think this is a really interesting topic, but do you have particular examples of writing and literature concerned with freedom of speech (eg. Karl Popper and his paradox of tolerance) you want to include? What made you interested in this as a topic? – Elpis1988 3 years ago
  • It may be helpful to contextualize the dichotomy of free speech and offensive speech (slander/libel/hate speech) within the legal framework of a given culture. In other words, try to talk about this two sided issue as it relates to the United States, or to another given country. That could give the potential author of this topic some structure to discuss the issue. Consider also the early legal cases in the U.S. over “free speech,” especially Alexander Hamilton’s roles therein. – James Polk 3 years ago

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