Dutch Angles: From Horror Trope to Movie-Snob Joke

Look at Dutch Angles in cinema. Say what they are, and then have a little think about why they are pretty much just jokes now. Could be an intresting progression. A good place to start would be old horror movies (obviously) and then move on to other stuff. I know Decker season 3 has a lot of them.

  • Though they're definitely scoffed at a lot now, I think a piece in defense of the dutch angle could also be interesting. There are contemporary examples that are not seen as tacky or passe, such as the sparing (keyword) use of dutch angles in The Dark Knight. So perhaps an examination of what makes a dutch angle effective vs. laughable and why would be more nuanced, rather than assuming they are always bad now. – ElizabethMcCauley 6 years ago
  • Good to see another "deckerhead" is on here. I think this is interesting, but can be combined with other examples which are often derided, such as jump cuts or speeding up footage or whip panning. This would support a contention that no technique is less or more worthy than any other technique, but is dependent entirely on the context. – Matthew Sims 6 years ago

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