Elena Ferrente in the context of feminism, culture, biography and history.

I recently discovered Elena Ferrante (much later than others) and went to search Artiface to see if anyone on here has written about her work….there is only one note that mentions her and the post was ~5 years ago! I would love to read more about her work/life and what her writing means in the context of feminism, culture, biography and history.

  • It sounds like it would be an interesting article. However, even through those lenses, it would be a bit broad. Maybe if you narrowed her books down to her very bestsellers/ones that have received the most attention/critical acclaim and what they represent in her native country vs. here in North America. There's bound to be some contrast there. – OkaNaimo0819 3 years ago
  • Reading your post and its title makes me think that your interest in it could translate into further reading of Ferrante's work before you whip up an article that focuses on one or more particular aspects of her authorship. Her anonymity and how that impacts her writing, for instance. could be a springboard for whatever you wish to tackle. – Michel Sabbagh 2 years ago

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