Exploitative Explosion: The Game

This article would delve into the notion of exploitative game design. For example, game devs will make virtual products that can be bought with real world money (such as gems, crates, keys, etc.), yet these products have no actual value. Basically, the prices of these products are arbitrary, being made up based on the developers’ whims.

App games are notorious for such practices, trying to incentivize the player with the need to buy these products to get further in the game in terms of buying more time or status/rank. I mean, who wouldn’t want another chance to beat that insanely hard Candy Crush level or get that one super OP weapon/character in an RPG?

Do you think this is okay ethically? Does there need to be legal action? How can people be made aware, or do they know and just don’t care if they’re being exploited?

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