Exploring the dynamics of the relationships in Sunstone

For a comic that’s ostensibly about lesbian bondage sex, Sunstone manages to say a lot about relationships. It looks into all kinds of relationships, be it romantic, sexual, familial or friendship and does a great job of showing how each is important in its own right.

Of special interest might be its exploration of the transitions from one kind of relationship to another as seen in friends becoming lovers and returning to being friends and finding that to be an incredibly special bond and also the struggle that the lead characters face in moving from a "friends-with-benefits" relationship to actual romance.

  • Add some of a focus to this - it should pass the "So What?" test for both a writer and its future readers. – mazzamura 6 years ago
  • I haven't read this at all, but whoever picks up the topic should be sure to stress in the early parts of the article (or even the title) that it's commentary on various kinds of relationships applies to men too. I mean, obviously, but just as a note so the demographic of the article isn't instantly lessened by people feeling like they can't relate. – Slaidey 6 years ago

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